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Give us your Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale — we'll do the rest!

From the Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale, to delivery of Affidavits of Publication, law firms rely on JP&R to handle all aspects of their client's Foreclosure and Sale.

Our services include:
• Setting up the sale with appointed referee
• Creating the notice of sale (which can be used to serve upon Defendants, et al)
• Publishing the notice (and posting, if necessary)
• Serving Notice of Foreclosure and Sale upon the Court within the required 10 days
• Attending the sale on behalf of the Plaintiff (and bidding if requested)
• Acquisition of Affidavits of Publication and Posting
• Prompt delivery of sale documents

... all while adhering to local rules, and timed pursuant to RPAPL §231.

In addition, each bill is submitted to our clients as a one-cost recoverable invoice.

JP&R maintains a statewide network of legal services and/or attorneys to cover and attend foreclosure sales in all 62 New York counties. Our experienced parties bid on behalf of the Plaintiff and assist the Referee in completing all the necessary sale documents. Results of the sale are promptly delivered to Plaintiff's counsel.

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Sample Notice of Sale

JP&R highly recommends Bruce J. Bergman's book Bergman on New York Mortgage Foreclosures

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Let us form and publish your LLC anywhere in New York State.

NYS adopted the original LLC Law in 1994. Since then, JP&R has published tens of thousands of LLC notices across the state, becoming the most relied-upon legal advertising agency in New York.

Whether you're an attorney filing for a client, or a business person forming your own Limited Liability Company, JP&R will arrange the filing of your LLC with the New York Secretary of State — usually within 24 hours.

JP&R guarantees that your published notice will be accurate and meet New York Secretary of State content and publication requirements. Affidavits and Certificates of Publication are filed upon completion of publication in a timely manner. The cost of filing the Affidavits and Certificates of Publication with the NYSS is included in your flat fee.

NY LLC Code §206:
"Within one hundred twenty days after the effectiveness of the initial articles of organization as determined pursuant to subdivision (d) of section two hundred three of this article, a copy of the same or a notice containing the substance thereof shall be published once in each week for six successive weeks, in two newspapers of the county in which the office of the limited liability company is located, one newspaper to be printed weekly and one newspaper to be printed daily, to be designated by the county clerk. Proof of the publication required by this subdivision, consisting of the certificate of publication of the limited liability company with the affidavits of publication of such newspapers annexed thereto, must be filed with the department of state. If within one hundred twenty days after its formation, proof of such publication, consisting of the certificate of publication of the limited liability company with the affidavits of publication of the newspapers annexed thereto has not been filed with the department of state, the authority of such limited liability company to carry on, conduct or transact any business in this state shall be suspended."

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Secretary of State Filing Fee Schedule | Articles of Organization | Amendment to Articles of Organization

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Summons with Notice

Have us publish against missing Defendants.

When attempts to serve a person have been exhausted, attorneys must petition the Courts to allow service by publication. Utilized in Foreclosure, Matrimonial, and Family Court matters, attorneys depend on our team of experts to publish the summons in accordance with the Court's order.

In order to obtain jurisdiction over a missing Defendant in a foreclosure action, publishing a supplemental summons may become necessary. These notices are published in accordance with the Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR.)

In an Action for Divorce, an order of publication allows the plaintiff to publish summons and notice to obtain service upon the missing defendant. This is most likely used in the case of abandonment. The order must be submitted with an Affidavit of Due Diligence detailing the efforts made in trying to locate the defendant.

Family Court:
In the case of an adoption or placement proceeding, service by publication is used to notify one or both natural parents that their parental rights may be terminated.

Need help? JP&R's expertise will offer suggestions should the court need direction in the designation of a newspaper when obtaining jurisdiction covering a particular geographic area anywhere in any country.

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Matrimonial Summons Sample Order of Publication | Real Estate Summons Sample Order of Publication

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UCC Auctions and Lien Sales

New York's Most Experienced Auctioneer At Your Service

A Uniform Commercial Code Enforcement Action (sometimes referred to as a UCC Foreclosure) is commonly used by banks or other secured parties to enforce their rights on a non-performing note or security agreement. In the case of a default the secured party can offer the collateral at a public or private sale. These types of auction sales — when following the UCC — are non-judicial. Careful consideration must be made when choosing publications for Notices of Sale that they are commercially reasonable. Please call Bill Mannion to discuss timing and other details that will meet the threshold of commercial reasonableness.

The most common forms of Lien Sales are those conducted by Cooperative Corporations to enforce their rights under a proprietary lease. Article 9 §202 of the New York Lien Law goes into such timing of the public notices.

Bill Mannion, Department of Consumer Affairs licensed auctioneer, has been facilitating and conducting UCC Auctions and Lien Sales for over 25 years under Mannion Auctions, LLC. Our clients rely on us, confident that the job will get done right.

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Lien Auction Sale

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Bankruptcy Notices

Fast, Accurate, Nationwide Service

Throughout a bankruptcy proceeding, it may be necessary that a number of notices are published in a manner and form directed by the court.

Some common notices include:
• Bar Date
• Confirmation of the Plan
• Deadline to File Claims
• Notice of Distributions
• Notice of Hearing
• Sale of Assets

Ensuring preservation of confidentiality, JP&R typesets all Bankruptcy Notices in-house quickly and accurately, sending back the copy to clients for approval. We will locate a newspaper in any area that the court may request, advise on newspaper deadlines and costs, reserve space as necessary, and promptly obtain affidavits of publication.

JP&R's status as a recognized advertising agency guarantees that our clients are getting the best discount possible as a result of our contract rates with publishers across the country.

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Surrogates Court Citation

JP&R Surrogate's Court Division: Your Guide Through the Publication Process

When missing distributes cannot be located an attorney might find it necessary to serve them by publication.

JP&R's team of specialists will...
• pick up the order of publication
• create your Citation
• get the Citation issued by the Clerk
• publish and file the affidavits of publication timely prior to return date

JP&R's specialists assist Trusts & Estates attorneys, or any other lawyer navigating the Surrogates Court, by offering various services to help move the case along. Our ability to be an integral part of our clients' practices is hinged on our thorough knowledge of the business. We are fluent in the various types of omnibus clauses. And we understand the subtle nuances associated with the procedures of the various counties in New York.

Most importantly, we understand your practice. JP&R does not hold the affidavits of publication for payment.

JP&R will arrange service upon Attorney General and/or Public Administrator, and any other parties if necessary.

Due diligence got you down?
JP&R understands the challenges associated with locating distributees, and providing proof to the Court that none were to be found. Call us today for free advice.

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Affidavit of Due Diligence

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Additional Notices

In addition to the more commonly published forms of legal notices, there is no limit to what JP&R handles. We can provide samples of any type of notice.

Abandoned Property
Assignment for Benefit of Creditors
Assumption of Debts
Bids/ Procurements/ RFPs
Board of Standard and Appeals Notice
Bulk Sales
Claims Notice
Conservatee Sale
Dissolution of Corporation
Dissolution of Marriage
Dissolution of Partnership
Dissolution of Religious Corporation
Earnings Statement
Emergency Order to Show Cause
Foundation Notices
Grant of Land Under Water
ICAP (Industrial And Commercial Abatement Program)
Immigration Ad
Late Filing Order
Liquor License
Lost Stock Certificate
Notice of Accounting
Notice of Intention by Receiver to File Settlement
Notice of Intention to Foreclose
Notice of Intention to Issue Refunding Bonds
Notice of Proposed Supplemental Indenture
Notice of Public Sale of Collateral
Notice of Seizure
Notice to Creditors
Notice to Establish a Branch Office
Order Compelling Discharge of Mortgage/ Ancient Mortgage
Order Serving Defendant by Publication and Voiding Marriage
Order Terminating Receivership, Discharging Receiver
Order to Show Cause
Partition Action
Radio Network
Receiver's Notice
Receiver's Notice of Appointment
Referee's Notice to Creditors
Re-Settled Judgment
Safe Deposit Box
Sale of Assests
Securities Dealer
Sidewalk Café License
Supplemental Summons
Town Board Meetings
UCC Assumption of Debts
Unclaimed Property